Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I lived at the Piano Factory in Boston. The building, a former...you guessed it..piano factory, covered an entire city block. The four lefthand windows on the fourth floor in the picture of the building were mine.

We had a private courtyard enclosed by the building. Well, if by private you understand I mean 177 lofts, some with multiple rooms and families living in them. It was great to be able to live in a very loud and concrete/asphalt city, yet still be able to walk out of my loft into quiet and nature.

My loft was like this one:

I also ran the community art gallery while there.

The hallways still had the industrial look,

but a lot of us painted our doors to add a personal touch.

I was recently found through Facebook by Neathery, who, along with her husband, were part of the group I hung out with at the Piano Factory. I expressed that I was surprised that she still remembered me. She replied:

"Peanut butter makes me think of you all the time. I was telling you once how harsh it was that pregnant woman were only supposed to increase intake by only 300 calories. You're response to that was an supportively incredulous, '300? That's only 3 tbs. of peanut butter!'

"I also think of our commute conversations on the T a lot - I'm still taking the T and don't really run into anyone I like chatting with - I reminisce of running into you.

"I also think of you when the subject of candles comes up. Remember the great candles you would make with the Church leftovers?

"And the time you ordered a veggie sandwich at Subway and the guy made you a huge italian and you ate it without complaining because you felt sorry for the guy!?! I actually think of that all the time - you amazed me with that one."

And Neathery mentioned Susan and Howard who were also part of our little group. Neither of us has heard from them during the last three years.

Then, after reading Neathery's remembrance, about 8 email messages later, there was an email message from Susan tracking me down!

Funny how things cycle.


jonathan said...

I remember that building.
You can get great studio space for cheap in Minot, North Dakota by the way.

Stephanie said...

Wow, that place looks amazing. I have always dreamed of living in a space like that. What wonderful memories.