Sunday, August 27, 2006

Once Again, From the Beginning

I awoke this morning with a smile on my face. Well, not literally. I'd had a very disturbing dream. But that's another story. I awoke, at least figuratively, with a smile on my face. Why?

The astute audiophile may have noticed in the column at the right that I am currently listening to the new Bob Dylan release of "Modern Times," before its official release of Tuesday, August 29. I am privy to early release notices on

The newest album, hinted at by Dylan in his recent Rolling Stone interview as the second in a trilogy, picks up where "Love and Theft" left off. It's a bit Willie Nelson, a bit ancient blues and wholly Dylanesque.

At first the sound, the music and its chords waft over me, hypnotic. Then, without effort, the lyrics take over as the main driver. One can't help but be drawn in by the lyrical storytelling of Dylan. Each listen demands yet another, until I am absorbed by the experience into a world of dark, unspeakable understanding.

I think you'll enjoy it, too.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Almost Normal

This past week was probably as close as I get to a schedule full of what I consider to be ordinary life things.

  • Monday;
    Worked from 9-5, then went to Melissa's for dinner with her husband and son. Afterwards, she and I went exploring the town for all manner of quirky, fun places.
  • Tuesday:
    Worked from noon-8 on Tuesday. Nothing much to report.
  • Wednesday:
    Worked from 6 AM- 1:30 and then had a hypnosis session. Went shopping for fish stuff for Alpha.
  • Thursday:
    Attended an advisory board meeting for a housing coalition group and worked until 5. Home for dinner and a DVD.
  • Friday:
    More off-site meetings and re-structuring (at least on paper for now) some of my staff and their work. Then I visited a friend in the hospital who'd had a heart attack. Went to the mall with his partner and their son afterwards.
  • Today:
    Finished my last day as "The Whirlpool Guy" and am off to an art auction.

The one thing that kept it all in perspective was my attempt to call a friend to go for a walk last Sunday. I was trying to think who might be available and when I'd figured this out and made the call, he said, "You know, I woke up this morning and decided that I should move to Miami."

"That sounds great," I said. "Do you want to come by, or are you too busy making plans?"

"I'm driving through Amarillo right now," he replied. "I left this morning!"

As Melissa said Monday evening, it figures that I'd have friends like that.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sola Steps Up

Our transgendered chicken, Sola, who clucks like a hen and crows like a rooster, stepped into Rosa's role last evening. As I crossed the yard, Sola ran up to me and crouched in a submissive position. I took her cue and scooped her up. She seemed to enjoy the attention and petting. Who knows? Maybe she was watching Rosa and decided to get some of her own human contact. Whatever the prompting, it was cool to see a chicken act as an affectionate pet.Photo credit:
Kathryn Blythe Daly. Her work is copyrighted and may not be used for personal gain.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm in between client sessions. 2nd client is in lobby filling out paperwork. This post is to keep anonymous happy about more "regular" posts. If regular was referring to content, not much I can do there.

Moved from James's and Craig's home where I was housesitting to my landlord's house. They are gone until Sept. 5. At least I'm housesitting in my own backyard.

Client is ready...gotta go.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Time for Firsts

On Friday, I received my first steady paycheck since August 2005.

Yesterday, I paid up house rent... the first time since March.

I also went to see a movie at the movie theater for the first time since I can remember.

This morning, I made my first contribution towards paying my 2006 pledge at church.

The bank account still favors my debtors, but at least the holes are being plugged.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Quick & Brief

(Kind of like "down & dirty.")

Have been preoccupied by learning the balance of my new job (a.k.a getting over not knowing what I don't know) while still running my hypnotherapy practice. Getting into the swing of things now and promise more postings.

Today, I'm at the shelter for an hour or so, then off to see a hypnotherapy client. Back here later this evening to meet with residents.

I am housesitting for James and Craig for a week. (Yeah, I still do that, too. But I promise I'm not as busy as before.... Only 3 more "Costco Saturdays.") I will mow the yard this afternoon, a nice change of pace for me.

My godson, Atticus, was here from Saturday-Wednesday with his dad, Jeff. It was great to have family here and we managed to spend loads of time together.

Now my focus is on establishing a work rhythm that promotes my living my life. What a concept!

(So much for quick & brief.)