Saturday, August 26, 2006

Almost Normal

This past week was probably as close as I get to a schedule full of what I consider to be ordinary life things.

  • Monday;
    Worked from 9-5, then went to Melissa's for dinner with her husband and son. Afterwards, she and I went exploring the town for all manner of quirky, fun places.
  • Tuesday:
    Worked from noon-8 on Tuesday. Nothing much to report.
  • Wednesday:
    Worked from 6 AM- 1:30 and then had a hypnosis session. Went shopping for fish stuff for Alpha.
  • Thursday:
    Attended an advisory board meeting for a housing coalition group and worked until 5. Home for dinner and a DVD.
  • Friday:
    More off-site meetings and re-structuring (at least on paper for now) some of my staff and their work. Then I visited a friend in the hospital who'd had a heart attack. Went to the mall with his partner and their son afterwards.
  • Today:
    Finished my last day as "The Whirlpool Guy" and am off to an art auction.

The one thing that kept it all in perspective was my attempt to call a friend to go for a walk last Sunday. I was trying to think who might be available and when I'd figured this out and made the call, he said, "You know, I woke up this morning and decided that I should move to Miami."

"That sounds great," I said. "Do you want to come by, or are you too busy making plans?"

"I'm driving through Amarillo right now," he replied. "I left this morning!"

As Melissa said Monday evening, it figures that I'd have friends like that.

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