Monday, March 27, 2006

Homeless Fish

In the spirit of my current zookeeper status (see post below), I have adopted a Betta from the homeless shelter. It was too difficult there to make certain that it was being cared for, so I brought him/her home.

Any ideas for a name?


jonathan said...


Anonymous said...

How about Brooklyn? D.

Jimmy Carlozzi said...

FYI: If it has the large and classical beautiful tail, then it is a boy. The females have short and ugly tails, and are useful for breeding only. I used to breed them when I was a child.

I think you should name him "JAWS."

Odette said...

Thought about Alpha also...Since you both seem so attached to each other, why not call him Velcro. Or how about Wynot?

Dennis Plummer said...

It's a boy! (Thanks to Jimmy's info, I didn't even have to raise his tail fin to check.)

Afraid that the name Brooklyn will give the poor little guy an identity crisis.

I like Alpha. Am considering also Theta or Delta. Will decide in a few days. Post any more suggestions that you may have.

Jimmy Carlozzi said...

Since I have informed you of his worthiness of beauty, how about naming him after me? (lol). Not to sound conceited, but that is what the mormons, as well as the school Italians would do(LOL).

Sometime, I'll have to educate you, as to the visual breeding process. It is even more fascinating than watching the 2 males looking beautiful, in preparation for battle!

I just wish that homosexual men could look that beautiful, in preparation for fighting over a soul mate (LOL).



Dennis Plummer said...

"Alpha" it is.