Monday, March 13, 2006

Crows and Snow

We had snow yesterday morning! Hooray. It was so beautiful. Of course, it was gone by noon, but some has stayed up on the mountain.

In other weather news: the spring winds have begun to blow. They howl at 15-35 mph and usually last about a month. I love their adrenalin! Two nights ago, I found a cornstalk in my yard. It had to have blown over two miles to get here.

Friday morning I found something more strange in the yard: a piece of a Cheetoh. I was thinking that someone must have been in the yard during the night since neither the wind could have blown it there, nor do I eat Cheetohs.

Then a cackle overhead gave me the answer. Our winter murder of crows (I love phrases given to groups of things) is still terrorizing the neighborhood with their mischievous antics. I realized that one must have dropped the Cheetoh, perhaps trying to hit one of our chickens as it pecked unknowingly below.

I watched Hitchcock’s “The Birds” to mark the occasion.

The crows will stay until the Sandhill Cranes begin migrating again. Then we will officially be entering into summer.


Jonathan said...

They have begun. I heard them way overhead when I was in town and I read in the paper the bird count for Bosque del Apache. Most of the Sadhills have left.

Dennis Plummer said...

They didn't even send me a postcard before they left. Sheezh.