Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Now I've Got It!

Fact #1:
I just got hired to be a Home Instead caregiver for seniors. That will be part-time and work around my hypnotherapy clients.

Fact #2:
Bob Dylan is playing in Albuquerque on April 11.

Fact #3:
Dylan will turn 65 on May 24th.

...So, I was just thinking that maybe I could get him as one of my assignments through Home Instead. Since Oprah has still not called, nor are the one-timers beating down my door, I figure that this may be the new way to go.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely brilliant! :-)
I just saw the Band movie by Scorcese, the last waltz. its awesome, with appearances by Dylan. You can see Niel Young looking admirably at Dylan when they're on stage together...pretty cool to see the respect and connection among the musicians. Dylan is of course in his own world throughout most of it.