Saturday, March 11, 2006

Maybe Not

Perhaps I'm not supposed to make money. Maybe my job at the homeless shelter is actually practice for myself!

Last night's overnight cancer patient was too sick and needed medical attention, so I did not get that job.

I did meet with the Alzheimer's man; he is wonderful and that should be a very rewarding time. But I'm only needed there M-T-W, instead of all week.

And the demonstration folks have still not sent me material for that work, so I've missed another Saturday of income from that job.

So today I'll need to spend time figuring out how to rob from Peter to pay Paul.

However, for the moment, I plan to avoid all of the financial stuff through friendly phone chats with friends.

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Dennis Plummer said...

Update 3/16: A Man is now M-F and the demonstration folks have contacted me.