Sunday, March 05, 2006

Smoke of a Not-So-Distant Fire

10,000 acres of land were scorched this past Wednesday in northeastern New Mexico. Wet seasons in 2004 and 2005 caused grass to grow; but the extreme dry spell we are now experiencing turned the grass into prime real estate for fire.
  • Between Nov.-Jan., we received only .14 inches of rainfall.

  • There is no snow pack.

  • Drought decreases trees' natural resistance to beetles.

  • The beetles infest the trees, which subsequently die--becoming even more fuel for fire.

Today, the flowering trees are all in bloom. The sunny, 70+ degree weather is really nice.

However, we fear a very serious fire season this year.

(Photo: John McColgan)


Odette said...

No worries, the ice is melting fast I heard where Santa Clauss lives: it will soon cover everything: see, there is always hope somewhere :-D

Anonymous said...

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love you.