Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Brokeback Mountain They Didn't Want You To See

I found this top-secret photo from one of Hollywood's darkest corners. Seems that Martin Scorcese had taken some liberties with Annie Proux's short story and turned it into a lesbian flick. After a poorly received test screening, producers decided to give the script to Ang Lee and return the gender and animals to their original intent. I think it was a wise move.

Anyway, I'm still juggling a double housesitting week. It is the zookeeping part of this that has me focused on alpacas today. The image to the left is, I think, about their wool. But it did get me thinking.... maybe I could do the housesit and fill my fridge.

But then, they are so cute:


missymussy said...

is this for real?

this definitely tops my list of brokeback parodies I have seen. Considering the competition is one, "Wetback Mountain" on Mind of Mencia, that's not saying much, but this is hilair.

missymussy said...

dennis, can your advertisers tell if i click on their ads over and over? do they require a certain amount of time spent on their sites, or can i just click with abandon?

Dennis Plummer said...

The parody isn't real. It's just a pic I found on the Web that I reappropriated for my own evil purposes!

Yes, click with abandon. I think you have to stay at the site just long enough for your URL bar to clear its downloading process and you have to click different ads each time.

Thanks for contributing. My total is now $48+, up $12 since just Sat. In fact, someone clicked $2.25 cents worth this morning before I logged in.

My creditors thank you all.

Dennis Plummer said...

P.S. The books and music that I recommend must actually be purchased through the link at for me to receive my 5% credit. The Google links pay just for having been viewed.

jonathan said...

Sometimes cute and delicious are not mutually exclusive. Take hamsters for example.

jonathan said...

If I were to buy a book on Amazon and I were to tell you about it first, would you put it in your recommendation section and then I will buy it through your link and then you make the big bucks.
You should recommend very expensive books like GOAT (the giant Mohammed Ali book).

Dennis Plummer said...

Great Amazon idea. Sure, send me a recommendation.