Saturday, April 01, 2006


While thousands continue to be involved in the national conversation regarding immigration, I'm off to my own demonstration. A little less meaningful and glamourous, perhaps, but a demonstation nonetheless.

I'm an authorized Whirlpool representative for the day. From 10-3 I will be standing in Costco by the washers and dryers, answering the inquiries of passersby. Even if they don't have questions, I will lunge out at them and snag their attention--and their wallets--extolling the virtues of Whirlpool.

How are you spending this Saturday?


missymussy said...

shoot, if only you lived in Hawaii! My mom bought a new washer AND dryer yesterday, and I know you would have charmed her into choosing the Whirlpool. As it is, she chose the Kenmore He3 from Sears. Sorry. Is the model you're demonstrating the Elite? Just curious, now that I've learned a lot about these things.

Knock 'em dead!

Dennis Plummer said...

We are featuring the Duet washer and dryer. Very impressive, as far as those things can be.

jonathan said...

I spent that Saturday with a heckova sore throat and shopping for a BMW wagon with Luke. And he bought the wagon by the way. It is purely practical by the way. It's a wagon and we're artists who make big things that are difficult to fit in a Toyota corola. They are dificult to fit in the new car too but the new car is fun to drive.
Wait. I think I was missing the message of your post. Yet, at the same time, supporting your message in a way.

Dennis Plummer said...

Yes, you were. Out demonstrating that even artists with sore throats can be practical. Getting ready for the summer trip?