Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Goodbye, Norah

I think that I must have an internal "purge" button regarding possessions in life.

My hike after college required a high degree of downsizing. Then my decision to become a monk meant ridding myself of all possessions. Moving to NM was not a total purge, but another considerable downsize.

Now I find myself selling off much of my massive 800+ CD collection (keeping at least the Dylan collection and some others that won't sell). I am burning them to my laptop to keep the music, but will miss the liner notes and cover art.

As in the past, it is a bit painful to let go of things. Especially things that are important to me. But I have also found that such a purge also gives some unique clarity to life. The exercise always brings a lightness with it. Perhaps that is more the point now than the money. To lighten up. To refocus. To evaluate priorities.

It's not just a spiritual practice. Like most disciplines, it has practical motivations and outcomes. Even if I don't experience nirvana or an euphoria, moving the music along will, at a minimum, pay bills so that I can continue to establish a successful hypnotherapy practice.

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