Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Bugs Are Always Greener

This morning I watched as our frustrated chickens marched in protest around my newly fenced in pennyroyal-like ground cover. One chicken stared longingly into the fenced area and clucked with disapproval. The chickens have the entire yard to scratch and peck in, but you'd think this one little area was a national conservation area protecting the plumpest and juiciest bugs known to mankind. Or, more precisely, to chickenkind.

I say "pennyroyal-like" because I don't think it is a true pennyroyal plant. That kind can be made into tea and is known to be a natural repellent of fleas.

Work-wise, I have added "Distributor of Home Flyers" to my resume. I have 1,000 flyers to hang on doors over the Easter weekend. It is 90 bucks in my pocket, but a not-so-fantastic way to observe the holiday. I do plan to use the walking as a meditation, nonetheless.

My fractured and packed time has kept me busy, but left me a little scattered and looking for a breather. I ran out of dish soap and tried to wash dishes without it. It left a greasy film on everything so I have let the dirty dishes pile up. Since I'm only using my home as a quick nap stopover these days, dirty laundry is lying all around the floor. Desktops are covered with overdue bills, notes from mystery shopping, CDs waiting to be burned and sold...I'm starting to live like a dirty old recluse without the reclusiveness!

At least there are no fleas.


Anonymous said...

take time for cleaing... you'll feel more grounded since the energy in your home effects you even when you're sleeping. A dirty home creates bad energy. Carve out an hour or two per week for starters, and find 15 minutes here and there. Once it's clean it's easier to keep clean.

Jimmy Carlozzi said...

Anonymous has my vote!!!!

Anonymous said...

Take your time; it will still be there when you get to it. You don't need to find more stress right now. Will you be remembered more for the private state of your home, or how you pulled yourself through the lean times? Later, when you are as famous as Dr. Phil, (and hopefully much more intelligent then he), you can afford a maid!