Monday, April 03, 2006


Completed a 6-hour mystery shop yesterday at an amusement center. It was very fun. However, I'm not accustomed to so much stimulus in one day.

Me and my 10-year old companion ran bumper boats, raced in go-karts, played laser tag, battled in virtual reality, putted 18 holes of miniature golf, crashed each other in bumper cars, fought off zombies, scooped up prize tickets from the Bumble Bee snag and Skee ball games, ate pizza and dressed and undressed from paint ball suits after deciding against participating in that attraction.

Whew. I'm still wired today. But I'll probably go back for some more laser tag.


missymussy said...

NO WAY. Was it Hinckle Family Fun Center? That is my favorite thing about the Burq! Ben and I spent one of our first real dates there.

Dennis Plummer said...

Hey Missymussy...It was! You should come back. I mean, okay, so you've got paradise and all that like your hairdresser says, ("Do the Rachel")....But really how can you beat the Bumble Bee Snag?