Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Today I'm working on a mailing to advertise a Self-Hypnosis class that I will teach on March 26. I am waiting for the telephone to ring.

Meanwhile, I have started my gig aiding a man with Alzheimer's (I'll call him "A Man"). I pick A Man up at 3 and stay with him until 6, fixing dinner and chatting. Yesterday, he observed that "New York is alot" and that the sky is "so full of blue." I have much to learn from him and enjoy his company.

I was concerned that my car radio would bother him. Since the faceplate was stolen back in January, it hasn't worked. I have no way of turning it on or off, can't adjust the volume, nor change channels. Except that one night I really wanted it to work and when I touched it, it came on!

Yesterday I was faced with the problem that it would be playing KUNM's "Freeform," possibly some rap music, and that would really be annoying to A Man. So I was out trying to figure out how to muffle the sound and when I touched it, it turned off! Now I have a quietly peaceful car in which to transport A Man.

I don't think I'll touch it again for awhile.

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