Thursday, March 02, 2006


Ever wonder why cockroaches always die on their backs? Sure we know that, like turtles, they will die if they can't turn back over. But why do they land on their backs in the first place? Do they suddenly just flip over when it is their time to go, thinking quietly to themselves, "I woudn't want to be caught dead on my feet"?

To find out the answer to this and 56 other questions about cockroaches, I discovered the Cockroach FAQ page. Great reading.

Speaking of cockroaches, have you heard about the video and transcipt that gives yet more evidence of lies by Bush? Concerning Hurricane Katrina, "Bush declared four days after the storm, 'I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees' that gushed deadly flood waters into New Orleans. He later clarified, saying officials believed, wrongly, after the storm passed that the levees had survived. But the transcripts and video show there was plenty of talk about that possibility even before the storm...."

Meanwhile, in New Mexico, the daytime temperatures are in the upper 60s to low 70s, so it feels like summer has officially begun. At least the cockroaches are out in full force and celebrating. We had a sprinkle of rain last evening. Less than 1/3". I guess that was our big winter storm this year. We anticipate an extremely bad season of fires this year. No doubt the cockroaches will survive, even those at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Jimmy Carlozzi said...

It takes 8-9x the amount of radiation to kill a roach, than it does to kill a human. Roaches run upto 60 mph. This is very vital information, especially if you are on the hunt.

Odette said...

This is the most fascinating lecture I've had all week. Says a lot about my life right now!

DLP said...

What a of the google ads today was for which proudly claims it has the "World's Best Cockroach Traps!" and "Our Lure-Pellet is the best roach attractant on the market! It's like a ROACH VACUUM!"

Of course, how could it not be the best when it is "Owned and Operated by T. Norton AKA: "Dr. Roach""

DLP :)

Dennis Plummer said...

LOL at DLP's observation! Too bad we can't all be known as Dr. Roach.

Love the factoids, Jimmy!