Sunday, November 02, 2008

After all's Said and Done

This year's election really boils down to "Hope" or "Fear".

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Eric said...

That's so true. My mom is a McCain supporter and its all about how scared she is of gays (gasp!!!) and abortions (murder!!!).

She is terrified that God will "pour out his wrath on America" if we get a president who supports the "murder of babies even after they are born" (what she thinks happens during so-called "partial birth" abortions).

On the other hand, at my yoga studio everyone has been waiting with baited anticipation in what could happen if we really do make history. It's thrilling!

But I have to say that no matter what happens, this is still all a good sign, because the front runner are a black man, a woman, and a senior citizen. Even if McCain somehow weasels his way in, history is being made, and the nominees are a sign that we have at least progressed.

And another sign that things are changing - no matter who wins - was that even in the vice presidential debates Palin begrudgingly admitted that she has close friends that are gay. While not even close to what we ultimately want, that's still a huge improvement!