Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kindle: Amazon's Revolutionary Wireless Reading Device

Okay, they're kidding, right? Wouldn't that be called a "book"?


Eric said...

Is this really the first time you've heard about this?

Kindle is actually really cool. They have built-in wireless so you can download entire books, plus it's like the itunes of books in that best sellers are 9.99 (I spent 25 bucks or more on several of the books I bought people for Christmas, and almost all of them were more than ten dollars).

It also has access to blogs and all sorts of other things. People have been talking about digital books for eons, and there have ben many failures. This is the first one to actually make it - it sold out already, making it a news story.

Eric said...

And by the way, remember my hypothetical question about the package and card?

Well, hypothetically, if I had still failed to make it to the post office, I would just hold on to it just in case you came out for a visit.