Friday, October 09, 2009

This Week:

Godson (Atticus) was here for his 10th birthday. Read as: dinners with friends, laser tag, Santa Fe excursion, swimming, zoo, etc.

Trying to finish MHP Annual Report.

Preparing for annual AOC BBQ.

Mayoral and city council elections swung to the Republicans. Funding for affordable housing did pass.

Winds blew mostly north and easterly; balloons from fiesta did not fly over my home.

My recipe has been steeping overnight for this evening's chili coo-off.

Obama won Nobel Peace Prize crushing my hopes, yet again, that I might be the humbled recipient.

1 comment:

Eric said...

Just yesterday I was thinking about what a cool name Atticus is. It was because I was listening to the song you downloaded for me (We're Gonna Be Friends).

I'm not sure how Obama got your prize. And I'm also not sure how people don't realize how racist it is to say that this is an "Affirmative Action" Nobel.