Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ever had one of those "just perfect" mornings? The morning you wake up and everything is in sync? I had one of those this morning.

I awoke before my alarm went off. Stretched and felt great. Good shower. Liked the form my hair had chosen for the day (I never really shape it; it does itself; plus, I don't own a comb). Clothes felt casually sharp. And I was ready, without rushing, to walk to church early enough to sit for a few minutes in silent meditation before the service began.

Then, as I reached to turn off my radio (playing peaceful classical, of course, on a morning like this), I heard a reminder that Day Light Savings had kicked in unbeknownst to me while I lie sleeping and unsuspecting. I was an hour late for church.

So now I am changed into grungier clothing and sitting at work, trying to catch up on some pressing deadlines. One never knows the twists and turns a day will take.

Image: Sam Brown.

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