Thursday, July 29, 2010

  • Imagine trying to get a job without a phone number to give to your potential employer.
  • How do medical providers contact you, if you don't have voice mail?
  • Without voice mail, how does a potential landlord reach you? Medical providers? Social workers?
  • How do you re-connect with family?
NM Community Voice Mail is the solution. We're attempting to get free voice mail service to everyone who needs it!
    It is one of four programs that I oversee as Executive Director of Metropolitan Homelessness Project. And it is a huge success!

    Just call 505-340-3004, and press option 4 to hear the recorded experiences by our users.

    Please click on "NM Community Voice Mail" to provide someone a vital phone number for one year!
    Thank you to everyone who helped our Duke City Sleep Out have real impact. Because of you, 26 men were able to stay in our shelter for one month. Eleven of these men ended their homelessness during their stay. THANK YOU!

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