Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sitting in morning fog, surrounded by a porch laden with plant life and sipping some wonderful hot tea. Typing on a friend's I-Pad (which I think I really like). A humming bird is making rounds as another tries to impress with intricate displays of winged flight maneuvers and delicate vocalisations. I've taken the time to delete over 100 emails in my yahoo account...only 600 more to go!

I love the moisture in the air and the sight of the ocean. Dined last evevning at The Beach House, designed by artist John Hubbel, and watched surfers enjoy the tide as we ate deliciously fresh seafood. This is wonderful break from the desert.

I may have discovered my personal balance of environments: ocean, cloudy and cool with dry and severe in one and vacation frequently in the other. I see why that, while living in Boston, I loved vacationing in NM. Now that I live in NM, vacations in oceanic regions are perfect destinations!

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