Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Off to Celebrate

My tent is airing out at home, sleeping bag drying on the line and all of my gear ready. I still need to pack clothes and stop to buy some food supplies, but I won't need much.

I just finished seeing a hypnotherapy client today and am now off to visit with A Man. This evening is work at the shelter. Then one home care client tomorrow (11-2)...and I drive away to enjoy my birthday on the road!

I think that this may be the last trip for my backpack. It's the one I used to walk across the country. There is nothing on it that hasn't been resown, welded or replaced. In fact, I stitched up the shoulder strap again just this morning.

I know should get a digital camera and upload photos right to this computer for you to see. Maybe someday.

For now, it's Roswell, Magdalena and the Gila Mountains for some eagerly awaited respite!


Odette said...

Hey, how come you didn't borrow my digital camera? I want to see pictures!

Dennis Plummer said...

Ugh. I forgot!