Friday, July 20, 2007

This Just In

My boss was put on paid administrative leave two weeks ago. Today the board asked me to continue as acting interim executive director. So, after holding down 8 jobs at once last year, I find myself again inching up in the number of work-related things that I am doing.

Current count:
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Executive Director
  • Program Director
  • Housesitter


Anonymous said...

i didn't realize you get a new title too...b r a v o !

Anonymous said...

First and foremost: Win the war against the bed bugs at the AOC.

Dennis Plummer said...

I welcome Anonymous to donate a $1,000 to help fight the battle. Thanks! Or better yet, help us win the battle against the causes of homelessness and none of us will have to worry about bed bugs in emergency shelters.

Anonymous said...

Titles? I am willing to volunteer to get on the phone and send e-mails to local business in Albuquerque so that a local exterminator would provide their services for FREE.

While I was at it, I would find a local business to donate a commercial washer and dryer, so that the linen at the AOC can be washed daily.

I have volunteered to assist in the clean up that is essential to begain to rid the AOC of the bed bug infestation. However, my offer has yet to be accepted.

Dennis Plummer said...

Since it seems that you already have access to e-mail, please do feel free to e-mail requests for donations. Nothing prevents you from doing this and your efforts are quite welcome.

We already have a donated washer and dryer with promises for more. What we are waiting for is another $8,000 to re-direct proper plumbing and waste lines to meet city code. If you can get that donated, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your efforts!!