Monday, August 18, 2008

Morning Glories in My Yard


Eric said...

Wow, those are beautiful.

What's up with the Tibetan prayer flags? I don't know if I had ever even seen them before I went to Santa Fe in 2006, and, as you know, they were everywhere there. Is there a big Tibetan/Buddhist community in NM or something? I stayed for a night at the Rinpoche Stupa in Santa Fe, but it wasn't like there were tons of followers present, and most of the people who lived there (that I met, anyway) weren't even Buddhists. Is it more of a New Age thing, or part of the NM psyche, or what?

missymussy said...

Funny! This plant is almost exactly the one that caused Ben to break out in a terrible rash that spread all over his body for weeks, causing oozing pustules that required him to get steroid shots!