Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Belated Pics

from the morning of my birthday, while I sat outside enjoying an espresso....

It flew directly overhead.

Then there was a brief flyby of white doves. (Or are they snow geese? They flew in a triangular formation. Do doves do that?)

Followed by three more balloons.

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Eric said...

That's amazing!

Norine Passero from the Academy is moving to Tucson soon, and she came out and stayed with us for a couple of days to scope Tucson out, ad she just asked for signs and they'd show up within minutes, no matter how specific they were. It was like being with Snow White or a Shaman or something. So, i started asking for signs too, and now I'm seeing all sorts of cool stuff. It's probably just my subconscious letting those things through the filter since I asked for them, but it's been very cool.

Hopefully these things were signs of a happy year to come for you. :)