Friday, December 01, 2006

25 Days

Although technically Advent began last Sunday, my two godsons begin counting down on December 1st. I love the role of godfather. I get to celebrate with them in different ways.

For example, instead of a big Christmas gift, I give them 25 little gifts. Each day they can open one. This year it is a bunch of science projects with components making up the gifts. After three or four days of getting parts of the project and trying to guess the project, they get instructions. I hope they have as much fun as I had wrapping.

Meanwhile, a fellow hypnotherapist who was in school with me is visiting for a few days. He arrives downtown by train at noon and I'm going to use that as an excuse to leave work early. It will be good to have someone with whom to process some of these past weeks.

And I get my own hypnotherapy session!


Anonymous said...

actually, technically Advent doesn't start until tomorrow, the first Sunday of Advent

Dennis Plummer said...

Oops...that's what I meant of course!...being a former monk and all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis,

I can't believe your new look!! What's the maintenance like? Should I be investing in Gilette? or sun screen?

We're enjoying a quiet evening at home after entertaining Chad and Matt last night. The dog and I are watching football and Kyle is working on adding a new hard drive to the computer downstairs. We'll meet on the deck for oysters soon...

I will try to call you tomorrow,