Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sean & Rufus

Monday night was an excellent experience of music and weather (lots of lightning and some rain)! I went with a friend to the Paolo Soleri amphitheatre in Santa Fe
and sat in the 8th row to see and listen to Sean Lennon (yes, John's son)

and Rufus Wainwright (Loudon Wainwright III''s son).
It was great to hear this generation's creativity. Check out their Web sites by clicking on their names above. Can you guess by the sites which guy has the biggest ego?
Post comments to vote.


Anonymous said...

umm...u mean Show Boy vs. Creative Boy? i'm going with showboy has big head.

eric Carr said...

Hmmmmm...join the fan club, buy merchandise, sign up for Google alerts, become a Myspace friend, and become a member of the Web site versus look at simple line drawings of "ambiece bunny" and play pong...I'd say Rufus has the bigger ego. Okay, a gigantic ego. But you already know I'm biased.

eric Carr said...

And by the way, being a newly minted thirty-three-year-old, I guess that makes me part of "this generation" too.

M. said...

Dennis--John and I saw Rufus a couple of weeks ago at Avalon here in Boston. It was a fantastic show and Rufus is a new favorite. I hope you enjoyed the concert.
(I'm not going to comment on egos.)