Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Sip

The practice of Tea should serve to provide calm, rather than be the setting for display.

The difficulty lies rather in the path to the attainment of simplicity, and there is no way to arrive at this point quickly.

Spring has flowers, summer has cool breezes, fall has the moon, winter has snow.

Simple and unpretentios flowers of the season.

The appropriate combination of the various utensils reveals the heart or sincerity of the host. Only when the relationship of the host and guest is placed first do mute utensils come to life and show their worth.

Anticipate the needs of your guests.

Abandon any goal of achieving success.


Anonymous said...

"Abonden any goal of achieving success". So... do not strive for success?

What is success? Why not identify it and have it be a goal?

What are your goals?

Dennis Plummer said...

The reader misses the greater point.

Of course: aim for success and know what that is, specifically. Yet let go of that being your primary that you continue to act, regardless of outcome.

Me? I strive to be at one with myself and my greater good. And I am. But when I fail--falling short of success--my abandonment of success as the goal gives me freedom to continue on to greater success of the true purpose of that goal without reeling in despair of failure.