Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Taste of Tea and Zen

(From "Tea Life, Tea Mind," by Soshitsu Sen XV.)

Shelter is enough if it protects from the rain.

Food is sufficient if it satisfies hunger.

With your own hands bring wood and water, heat the water and make tea. Arrange flowers and burn incense.

In the Way of Tea, if we do not have the attitude that daily life itself is the discipline of Zen, then the act of preparing a bowl of tea becomes only one of form, a mere posturing.

To realize enlightenment, in Tea we use training in the actual procedures of making tea.

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Eric said...

Next month I'm going to be doing a podcast with ZhuPing Hodge, the first female tea master to be certified by the Chinese government. She's got a WONDERFUL Web site at Check it out when you get a chance. And if you have a couple extra bucks, "Snow Orchid" is one of the most amazing teas ever made.