Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to Spend the Weekend Alone

Get up and go to cafe. Read and eat.
Pretend you're going to meet people.
Go home.
Read some more.
Take a nap.
Get up and go to public library.
Drive past cafe and discover that it's closed for the evening.
Go home.
Eat couscous and read.
Go to bed.
Get up.
Go to church.
Go home and read.
Doze off.
Go to cafe.
Pretend you are going to meet people.
Browse internet personals, until battery is dead.
(Learn that highest match with anyone is 57% and 15 years younger.)
Go to movie.
Go home.
Eat dinner.
Go to bed.

Time to start a week of work.


Eric said...

It may not help you feel any better, but Anna (my best friends since high school) ultimately met her fiancée (who is wonderful) on after lots of disappointment.

Anonymous said...

pretending makes me sad