Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh, That's Right

Got clobbered in a game of chess last evening. Chess continues to be one of those games that I want to be more interested in, but find my enthusiasm wanes most times that I play.

I was asked why I left the monastery. One reason was that I wanted to have the potential for a relationship. I had forgotten that. Now, although not in a relationship, I am at least living with the possibility of having one.

Lately, I had forgotten to view this as something good.


Eric said...

Hmmmm. So another way of saying this is that you have a "quantum relationship," right? (The possibility of a relationship, since quantum theory is all about possibility.)

Quantum relationships are certainly better than archaic modernist celibacy dogmas.


Dennis R. Plummer said...

Of course both are absent the reality of an actual relationship.

My life is more like chaos theory than quantum theory! lol