Sunday, January 06, 2008

Keeping Active

Friday was a day of being cared for by friends while I nursed myself through a nasty stomach virus. Usually I'm a loner through sick times, but I admit it was nice to have friends call frequently that day; some even came to my home throughout the day to see if I was alright, bringing me DVDs, juice and well wishes!

Although being sick on Friday prevented my enjoying a tea tasting with friends, I was up Saturday morning scouting out new cafes. (I hope to map out the city for good hangouts.) I hung out with a friend for 4+ hours Saturday evening. We enjoyed really great conversation and he took me to a new shop in town I hadn't heard about.

Today in the early AM, I was invited to share morning tea, piano and laughs with Susanna, my landlord. Ran some errands around town, did some journalling & reading, then spent the rest of this evening with good friends at their home.

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