Friday, February 29, 2008

Patience of a Cat

I sat tonight after a very long day at work enjoying a movie (see the music, books and movies I'm enjoying in the column at the right) and ate some thawed frozen shrimp.

The cat, at whose house I'm sitting, rubbed and rubbed and rubbed against my leg in admiration and wanton lust for a bite.

I'm impressed at her patient ability to enjoy the smell of fulfillment, if not the taste.

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Eric said...

Actually, my vet told me that cats have scent glands in their faces, so when they rub up against something, they're simply marking their territory, and that it's not a sign of affection.

So maybe the cat wasn't being patient, but was just saying, "Yeah, that human has shrimp, and I totally own him, so that makes the shrimp mine too."


Personally, I like to believe that cats wouldn't mark their territory unless it was something they cared about. My friends' cats only rub up against me if they seem to like me, and both of my kitties do it far more often when they are happily purring away. They never "mark" me when they are in play mode or irritated - just when they're content.

Speaking of anthropomorphising cats, have you been to lolcats? It is so funny. (