Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another to Add to the List

of stupid phrases and words: practicable. Isn't it just "practical"?


Eric said...

Yes, that's a stupid word. I'm not sure I ever realized it existed.

So to make up for stupid words that shouldn't exist but do, I'm creating words that should exist but don't:

Homieapathy – when your friends don’t care

Contacne – pimples from having things press against your skin, causing sebum buildup, pore blockage, or irritation.

Ideaspora – The dissemination of ideas

Hypnocrite – A sick, dysfunctional, stressed-out hypnotherapist, or a hypnotist who cannot be hypnotized

Procreastination – Putting off having children

What do you think? I'm thinking of entering them into the Portmanteaux competition. :)

Dennis R. Plummer said...

I especially vote for Contacne and Procreastination.