Sunday, April 19, 2009

Number Nineteen

I once gave up all possessions in life. The process was extremely difficult at first. Getting rid of objects full of memories, such as family heirlooms and childhood souvenirs. But I had committed to a monastic life and persevered in the exercise. At one point in the de-accumulation, it all became very easy, and, in fact, fun! Who could I give this object to as a gift? What about that one? Who needed my car? I trusted that the meaning of the objects had already impacted me, were a part of my internal make-up; possessing them did not make me any closer to what they represented. Giving away my books was initially the hardest (I had over 400 at the time.) Now, instead of 400 books, I have thousands. So many, in fact, that I need multiple rooms to house them all and a staff dedicated just to watching over them for me for when I need one to read. I call my many of books public libraries. Such freedom!

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