Friday, April 17, 2009

Number Seventeen

I wrote a charter for a private school, making it public, and saving $6,000 per child. With 150 kids each year in school…that equals $900,000 in savings per year. Since 2004, that is over 3.5 million dollars in savings to the American public. I didn’t stop then. With five others, I rewrote the Albuquerque public transit system regulation and, beginning in February 2009, we reduced nearly 6 million dollars of cost, per year, to the public for their transportation. I’m proud of these things.

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Eric said...

Holy crap! That is absolutely awesome!

Except next time I think you should write in a little provision for yourself so that you can charge a one or two percent fee based on the savings. My dad's boss' wife used to go around the cities and do some kind of money-saving thing with street lights and traffic lights, and then present the information to the cities for a fee based on a percentage of what they would save, and she made good money doing that. It's a really valuable service that you're providing, and it' money in the city's coffers.

Maybe Tucson could hire you to do the same on a consultant basis! :)