Friday, December 07, 2007


Took the day off from work yesterday and enjoyed a perfect day.

Haircut and cleaning my car in the AM. Then off to Santa Fe with a friend. Hung out all afternoon at the Tea House (awesome place) and went to a concert by Krishna Das in the evening. My mind and soul were completely soothed.


enersanctum said...

New age hippie freak!

(ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Okay, if you ever make it out to Tucson we really ought to go to Seven Cups together. And by the way, speaking of new age hippies, I noticed that you were listening to "Crystal Voices." Next week I'm interviewing Tryshe Dhevney for my podcast. She uses sound healing, implementing both voice and crystal bowls, and she healed herself of Hepatitis C several years ago with it. She now does therapy classes at Canyon Ranch, Miraval, the Queen Mary cruise lines, and places like that.

Isn't it funny the way things work out like that? I definitely don't feel like I fit in with that whole Santa Fe New Age crowd, but at the same time, it is something I love - kind of like you at the gay-friendly fundraiser. I've found a lot more value in creating a sense of community rather than discovering one.

Dennis R. Plummer said...

I just learned that I am the top-rated customer at the New Mexico Tea Company, a chic little shop with high-end teas, tea tastings and lessons in preparing tea.

I've watched some of the vid on 7 Cups and would love to visit there. (I have yet to step foot in any part of AZ!)

Eric said...

That's really funny. I found out about two months ago that I'm the top rated customer at Seven Cups. I know I buy a lot there, and am in there frequently, but I never would have guessed that I was their top buyer. I would have thought it would be someone who goes in every single week, or some rich person who buys their most expensive teas (they have some that sell for more than $250.00).

I guess it goes to show how consistency and perseverance can add up. :)

And how expensive a habit like tea can become. I have spent more than a thousand dollars there this year. But I guess that's better than being addicted to crack. And seeing how I don't smoke and rarely drink, I'd have to say that tea is a much better and less expensive vice in the long run. ;)

And by the way, you have an open invitation to visit. Tucson is culturally, scenically, and spiritually rich as a community, and there are wonderful things to see in and around this marvelous place.

Eric said...

One mroe thing...

I interviewed Tryshe yesterday (with the healing crystal bowls) for the podcast, and I have to say that I am so pleased with the interview. Tryshe has amazing wisdom and insight, and I learned so much. Yes, it is certainly out-there New Age, but I am really proud of it. I'm going to be publishing it soon, hopefully by Friday.