Monday, December 31, 2007

Cool Way to End the Year

I just got the following message in my e-mail today. (I used the moniker "America's Visitor" in my newsletters when I walked the country.)
dear dennis,
i am looking for dennis r plummer, who i met almost 20 years ago, at the oregon coast. At the time i was living with my girlfriend in neskowin not far from lincoln city. one rainy day a guy named dennis plummer was passing through our town and took shelter at a bus stop. we started talking to each other and i offered him to stay with us over thanks giving, it must have been the year 1991.
My name is (schappo) and if you are the american visitor who walked through the u.s. it would be great if you would answer my mail.
yours schappo

As I remember it, it was one of my best Thanksgiving celebrations and I have often shared the memory with others. I hope to be in touch with Schappo.

Neskowin, Oregon.

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