Thursday, December 13, 2007

It snowed this week on the Sandia mountains. Amazing how with just two inches of snow, the mountains look closer!

"They are closer," said my older brother.

(How the mts. look when two inches closer.)


Eric said...

It's because the snowstorm blew all the smog away. ;)

When I was driving to Santa Fe last month I was completely awestruck (and more than a bit repulsed) by the brown cloud hiding Albuquerque. What, are you guys trying to be the next Phoenix or something?

Dennis R. Plummer said...

Isn't smog the one true measure of the success of being a really hip city?

Kind of like social disintegration is the sign of enough people having finally been integrated into society.

Dennis R. Plummer said...

Ooo, I like that last one. It sounds like a really important thought. Quotable, too. But you have to credit me! :-)

Eric said...

Yes - that is very good. But why should I credit you when I can just steal the limelight for myself?

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Speaking of other good things - it's nice to see the new picture too. But it still doesn't exactly look like you. Are you a master of disguise or something?

I just noticed something really funny. You know the random letters you have to enter to post the comment? Well, today they are pdwpoop. I don't know who pdw is, but apparently he or she is enjoying a nice bowel release at the moment. :)