Tuesday, April 01, 2008

AZ Tidbits

Met up in Tucson with Matthias, his two girls and his partner (all from Dresden, Germany) and Sharon from CA. Sharon very generously provided all with accomodation at the Arizona Inn where a bottle of wine chilling on ice awaited us after a day of exploring the Botanical Gardens (great butterfly exhibit.

Nele, youngest daughter, crashed into a railing while playing ping-pong and required 5 stitches to the area between eyebrow and eyeball. We used some hypnosis to ease the pain and the wait in the emergency room.

Got bumped from my return flight to NM. Delayed two hours then went via Las Vegas, which earned me a travel voucher. Planned to take a taxi home, but fortunately encountered a friend who was there picking up another friend and so I hitched a ride home with her!

More later... Still catching up on work and only time for a bit here and there... Sorry, Eric! ;-)

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