Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Do No Harm

Doctors and therapists have a code to "do no harm." Pretty low-bar standard if you ask me. But it's in that spirit that I post today's blog.

Did anyone hear the NPR report this morning about smoke-free China Olympics? The person being interviewed about inspectors who will be enforcing the law said that he hoped, ideally, that the inspectors would not be smoking while they were doing inspectons and that he hoped they would set a good example by themselves following the law that they were enforcing.

Do no harm.

Adding to our list of worthless, empty and/or annoying words, phrases and/or expressions...I vote to get rid of "a book entitled" and "a song entitled." What are they entitled to?!? Aren't they actually just 'titled'?

"Just in the nick of time." What's a 'nick'?

"Anxiousness" instead of "anxiety".

Maybe these phrases do do harm. I hope this post didn't harm you. At least no animals were harmed in the production of this post (although, I do think that I crushed a microbe or two on my keyboard while typing...sorry).

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