Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to Basics

I'm still thinking with "travel mind" one week after returning to work. It keeps everything in perspective when I able to do that. I am house sitting as I post this, with a cat rubbing against my leg and shoe like I am doused in catnip or something. Feel the love!

“A Certain Man” (his email moniker) encouraged me to return this blog to being more about my life, like the subtitle says. A funny balance: how to write with openness and vulnerability while not knowing who is reading. Perhaps like “Man On Wire” (see trailer below of the Oscar-winning documentary—a “must see”), one must simply step out and enjoy the thrill. Those who get it, will get it. Those who don’t, won’t.

So, it is a sunny spring day. I am sipping warm, creamy coffee. A roadrunner plays on the back patio as the first ice cream truck of the season jingles by. I have thoughts about the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, human nature, being interviewed for my alma mater’s 150th anniversary and my own ploddingly slow course in life. I have thoughts about Zen, books that I am reading, music and movies I am enjoying, the recession, solitude and quietness.

Perhaps it is time to begin writing and posting again. Maybe you’ll join me?

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Eric said...

I read an interview with the tightrope guy maybe three or four years ago in something like Psychology Today, and he came across as a bitter arrogant jerk. IT was just a pure interview, though, not an article. Now seeing the guy's mannerisms, I can see how 90 percent of his communication is in his facial expression, so much of what was captured in the interview was probably completely different in person. He says things that are very matter of fact, but with a smile, and that smile makes a huge difference. Interesting. And of course, I remember the image that accompanied the interview. It was a full-page picture of him at his house in New England somewhere, and he was on the tightrope with a somber, concentrating face. That probably helped set the tone for the interview too. Amazing how our perceptions can be manipulated so easily.

On another note, in response to the guy who says that you need to write more about your life, what else have you been writing about? ANyone who knows you knows that rocks and mineral specimens are a big part of your life/passion, you wrote about your travels, about losing a zen book among the stacks of papers on your desk, about house-sitting before... it's not like Wynote became a celebrity gossip blog or something.