Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I slept so hard Monday night, that waking up was a strange experience. I was fighting both cold congestion and allergy congestion and the combo had apparently left me disoriented. I don't remember having this picture taken.

But the fog quickly lifted and we were off down the South Kaibab trail of the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

"This thing just keeps on going!"

"But it's beautiful!"

We passed a mule train on its was up and even spotted a mountain big horn sheep, which raced ahead before us.

We did not travel quite so quickly.

But, at last, we spotted the Colorado River...

descended into the inner gorge...

crossed the bridge...

and joined our friends.

I relaxed with some pu-erh, a photo by Andrea which was later used for a commercial blog, making tea purchased from New Mexico Tea Co.

Next morning, having heard a geology lecture the night before, we ate at Phantom Ranch and were ready to ascend.

We used Bright Angel trail going up. It was just as steep as coming down...and longer.


(looking back)

In the end, sore as we all were, we left smiling.


Eric said...

You know, boiling Pu-er (usually in a copper pot) is the traditional way to make it. It really brings out the sweetness, and brings out notes of dates that don't otherwise come out.

Thanks for sharing this experience. Its amazing to me that hikers can still see big horn sheep there. We've got a few hikes here in Tucson where you can see them, but they are very rare.

Dennis R. Plummer said...

I did know, but decided that hiking down an extra pot was not worth it. But, otherwise, I'm all for anything to bring out extra notes from a date! :)