Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Some More Rocks in My Life



Opal and friends (sphalerite on left, galena on right)


Eric said...


I have to say that we got a good deal on that Galena. At the main gem show at the convention center, they had similar chunks for almost a hundred bucks. They were ripping people off right and left there, and really, overall, it kind of sucked for the most part. we overheard one of the guys who gave us great deals last year telling another vendor that he didn't have to mark anything down this year because he had a good show. So, I guess that's good for him. And hopefully it's a good sign for the economy too. BUt we made out like bandits the day before at the last day of the show at one of the hotels in town. I got two absolutely massive elestial quartzes, one with an enhydro and another with tourmaline inclusions, and he sold them to me for ten dollars a kilo! One of them was probaby worth about five hundred dollars, and he gave it to me for sixty, and the other was worth at least a hundred and fifty, and I got it for thirty. He was just happy to be selling stuff so late in the day, and he told me that he had done better than they expected to. So, that was a very, very enjoyable experience. :)

Oh, and we got a giant botroidallepidolite (absolutely gorgeous) for another thirty dollars, a whole FLAT of amazing apophylite for 15, and a big flat of quartz points for ten. It was amazing!

Eric said...

PS - I love that table!