Tuesday, November 27, 2007



enersanctum said...

I could only get up to a forty one. :( But I donated 350 grains of rice at least. I wonder how those kinds of things work. Why don't they just give the rice? How does my vocabulary matter? How does my visiting the site raise money?

Anyway, I've been away for the past few weeks (in Santa Fe, actually, taking the regressions classes) and just got caught up on the last few week's worth of postings. Does this theme of morosity have to do with the sessions we did together? Let me know if you need anything.


Dennis Plummer said...

Yes, life is one long session! :-) Hadn't thought of it as morose, but there you have it.

Dennis Plummer said...

PS - I have a score of 41, too, but have only contributed 200 grains of rice.