Saturday, November 17, 2007

General Update

Four housesitting offers for this week. I'm taking just two, one just for a couple of days down the street from home. I'm there right now, enjoying wireless access and taking care of the cat while I do some laundry.

Yesterday I finished submitting a grant proposal to United Way. I'm asking for $160,500 and hope to get $80,000; last year we got $60,000 from them. I also completed the proposal that I mentioned on Tuesday for $50,000. I think we'll get that one.

Attended meetings all day yesterday. One was particularly engaging. It was about strategizing for a city-wide respite and recuperative care system for persons who are experiencing homelessness. Here's an interesting statistic we discussed: 40-50% of persons at UNM Hospital awaiting discharge are persons who are homeless (they can't be discharged unless they have some place to go). Even more interesting is that the number of persons who enter the hospital homelss is less than the number who leave...meaning that these people become homeless while in the hospital (eviction, high medical costs, etc.)!

I'll have dinner this evening with Brian (my landlord) and Bishop Gayle Harris from Massachusetts. I haven't seen her since I left MA. It would be even better if it were Barbara Harris from MA, with whom I was really close.

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