Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am focusing on being happy and content with my life. For too long, I have been focused on aloneness, thinking about how no one shares my life, or I theirs, daily noticing my going home alone and to bed alone.

I'm returning to experiencing my life as an adventure. It's my adventure. I am doing my own things. Others are welcome and (yes, this is somewhat arrogant) lucky if they get to be a part of that activity, but I'm not waiting for them. If they don't call or show up, I'm going to go ahead and enjoy my magical evenings of music and incense, of attending art receptions and poetry readings, of wine tasting, of hiking and creating art, etc.

Like back in Boston where I always filled my time with interesting activities and curious adventures, I can do this in ABQ. But, like in Boston, my phone is now often turned off because I spend too much time wondering if someone will call when it is on. They will get through if they really want to connect.

Besides, I've got things to do and experience. I'm focused on my own happiness and contentment. I choose to fill my own life and not wait for others to add meaning to my day.

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