Saturday, June 28, 2008


Interesting things have begun to happen since I have placed a rainbow sticker on my car.

Oil was poured onto the windshield.

My car was held at the mechanics' garage for a week before they finally told me they couldn't fix it because they didn't have the parts. When I called a couple of weeks later to see if the parts were in, they said that they had ordered the parts but returned them because I hadn't come in. Somehow they had failed to call me to tell me when the parts were in.

When I returned from Phoenix to the long-distance parking lot at the airport, I discovered that someone had let the air out of one of my tires. They had politely left the valve cap for me to put back on once I had re-inflated the tire.

Last night, I found the driver's side door lock missing after going to a movie.

I hope to not be able to report anymore curious coincidences.


Anonymous said...

This is insane! Do you want my mechanic's phone number? They are friends of mine...xxxx

Eric said...

I hope you have lots of curiosities to report in the future. Things like

"This really hot guy winked at me at the stop light"

"A very friendly human rights attorney asked if she could introduce me to her cute best friend, who hasn't been able to get a date with a decent guy since he's not into the 'scene'"

A ninety-year-old lesbian saw my sticker and asked for help crossing the street, and then asked for my information so she could put me in her will, and it turns out she's a multi-millionaire"

"The high school band car-wash refused to take my money after giving my car a full detail"

"I got an unexpected discount at the florist"

And other curious coincidences like that!

On another note, though, I had some friends who put the Human Rights Campaign sticker (the one with the equal sign) on their cars instead of rainbow flags because it does not necessarily mean you are gay, or because they just didn't like rainbow flags. And nothing ever happens to their cars.

Maybe you should switch to a rainbow Disney sticker (in the shape of the Mickey head). Something about that seems less likely to me to inspire hate crimes. :)

Dennis R. Plummer said...

Hooray! With the help of a friend, I found the door lock inside the door. Less of a hate crime than it was poor craftsmanship. Now to uncover the mystery of the oil, missing car part and the air out of my tire.