Saturday, June 14, 2008

Socks, Black Combs and Pocket Knives

I used to lose black combs nearly every week when I was a kid. A comb would slip out of my pocket, or I'd leave it somewhere, and when I went to preen I'd discover that, once again, my comb was gone.

Then I learned to do laundry on my own and was initiated into the adult world where everyone experiences finding one sock missing at the end of doing laundry.

Eventually (although the sock thing continues), as I became an outdoors aficionado, pocket knives (the Swiss Army "Tinker", to be exact) became the item for losing.

I recently replaced one I'd lost and have been determined not to lose it. I've kept it in pockets without holes, have been careful when sitting to do so in a manner that things won't fall out and have diligently placed it on a shelf in my bathroom at night. I haven't lost this knife.

Then, last Tuesday, I had to fly to Phoenix for a conference. Upon emptying my pockets at the security check-point, I was--not surprisingly--asked to surrender my knife...which I had kept securely in my pocket out of recent habit! Once again, I will be purchasing a new pocket knife.

I encourage you to buy Swiss Army stock.

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