Friday, June 20, 2008

I once thought that I’d find a relationship simultaneous to falling in love, that I’d discover the person with whom I’d live out my life at the same time as when we both fell in love. I’m sadder but wiser now.

If statistics tell us anything, there are about 5,000 gay people in Albuquerque. Take out the women and I have about 2,000 guys to meet. Of them, many are taken, many are in their youth and many are old.

Of those remaining, how many have a spiritual depth, enjoy the outdoors, are intelligent, are spontaneous in a healthy way, find simplistic living appealing and, with all of these factors, are attracted to me and I to him?

I don’t deceive myself that I may easily find a life partner.

Instead, I suppose that I should focus on my body, making it appealing so that at least I can have the occasional someone with whom to curl up next to and fall asleep as I grow old. That's what I suppose.

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Dennis R. Plummer said...

Good News! I did the math wrong. It's 50,000 and closer to 20,000 men in the Duke City. Maybe there's a chance after all. :-)